International Veterinary Nurses and Technicians Association

The IVNTA is an association of member countries which seeks to foster and promote links with veterinary nursing / technician staff worldwide by communication and co-operation. It also aims to raise the international profile of veterinary nurses and technicians and to raise the standard of veterinary nurses and technicians internationally.

The International Veterinary Nurse and Technicians Association exists to:

  • Maintain contact with veterinary nurse & technician associations around the world,
  • Provide a channel of open communication for members,
  • Offer help and advice to enquirers.

Despite contrasts between veterinary nursing / technician training and conditions in member countries there are similarities which unite them:

  • Veterinary nurses/ technicians are a valuable part of the veterinary team,
  • Veterinary nursing / technology is developing and progressing rapidly on a global basis,
  • Many countries have established a professional body to represent veterinary nursing / technician staff with the aim of developing professional standards and career structure for VNs and VTs in their country,
  • Veterinary nursing / technology is becoming increasingly valued worldwide.